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Custom Carbon Fibre Bicycle Frames

Custom Carbon Fibre Bicycle Frames

Road and racing bikes, handmade tube by tube, from fibre to finish, in Venice, Italy. Since 1959, we’ve been creating dream bikes with soul. Custom carbon fibre frames of the highest quality, built to the rhythm of the road for the rider seeking the pinnacle of performance, feel and comfort.

No Sarto is the same. Each frame conforms to the needs of its rider, a bespoke product of precision and care brought to life from the finest materials in the time-honoured artisanal tradition.


A Tailored Experience

Your Sarto story begins with your measurements and choice of frame. Then we customise. Everything is tailored. We control the entire production process, affording complete control over the smallest details.


The Ride of Your Life

A custom frame geometry guarantees a perfect position. Feel, power, and ultimately, comfort at speed all stem from connecting with a frame tailored to your exact measurements. And when your bike feels this good, every ride is the ride of your life.

Materials Matter

Our frames feature only the finest, locally-sourced carbon fibre. Each tube is hand-formed with a specific layup, often involving several types of carbon in service of the ultimate ride. Our composites partners work at the forefront of the industry, representing state-of-the-art research, quality and sustainability. Their easily accessible location in northern Italy allows us unmatched access to cutting-edge carbon fibre production.

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