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Carbon bikes, tube by tube, handmade in Italy. Since 1959 we have been listening, interpreting and shaping dreams. All to forge bikes with a unique soul. Yours.

A Sarto bicycle is an exclusive and personalized product, made in Italy and of the highest range, whose value is generated by the materials used, the experience and the work of extreme precision and care carried out by a close-knit team of craftsmen.


How your bike is made

We take the measurements, we check how the frame fits on the cyclist, we customize the bikes according to your specific needs. Everything can be defined and customized down to the smallest detail, since we directly manage and control the entire production process. This is how a unique, tailored bicycle is born.


Bicycles made in Italy, handmade and with care over every single detail.

Customized frames, which guarantee perfect positioning on the bike and the optimization of the performance of each cyclist, allowing everyone to express their potential and feel good on the saddle.

Carbon products, a combination of extremely light and mouldable fibers, capable of providing different degrees of stiffness as needed, capable of absorbing vibrations, ideal for making very reactive and highly resistant frames.

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