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Handmade in Italy

The production process starts with carbon fiber sheets, to make the bicycle become a natural extension of your body.



01Frame Design
and Tube Production

Through 3D modeling, a prototype is created that allows road tests and verifies its aerodynamics, resistance and any weaknesses. The next phase focuses on making the tubes and parts necessary for the construction of the frame.

02Tubes Bonding

After having recorded the morphological indications of the customer and his street set-up, we create with extreme precision the customized frame, to the millimeter. We make all our frames with the tube-to-tube technique, which allows us to create 100% custom made frames.


03Lamination and sanding process

Once the tubes are assembled, we weld the junction areas of the frame, using an exclusive technique that guarantees rigidity, performance and comfort.


The carbon tubes are joined together through a so-called "wrapping" process, i.e., the application of additional fiber sheets cut ad hoc and expertly arranged in the dedicated areas, to ensure that the frame acquires the desired structural characteristics. Layer after layer, the wrappings become invisible and the frame takes on the desired technical and aesthetic conformation.



Our graphics department is able to fully customize the aesthetic characteristics of the frame, offering a preview through a rendering service, with a view to subsequent painting.


The spray painting process makes it possible to obtain an excellent result in every single detail, with maximum customization and without the use of adhesives.


07Final Check

Before delivering to our customer, the absolute precision of manufacturing and of every technical and aesthetic detail is checked.


For our bikes we choose and use only high-end components. You can configure your Sarto by choosing from the best brands on the market that are our partners.



Complete in-house assembly allows us absolute control of each stage of processing and to ensure the high quality of the finished product

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Are you ready for your Sarto?

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