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Our commitment is to make safe, performing and quality bikes so that they last longer. We try every day to do our best to reduce the impact on the environment and give people the best product.


Environmental sustainability

Sarto offers lifetime assistance on its bicycles, but not only: the repair of carbon frames is a service available to all cyclists, not only to owners of a Sarto bike. “Our idea of environmental sustainability is not made up of slogans, certifications or announcements. We are craftsmen, we take care of the environment, using our hands."

Extending the products' life cycle is the most efficient and immediate way to save energy and reduce emissions, and that's what we do with bicycles. Repairing means respecting the work of the human being, recognizing the value of products, reducing both emissions and the use of natural resources, thus protecting the environment.


Sarto for the social group

For years Sarto has been putting its experience at the service of people with special skills and needs. The experience gained in the development of high-end handcrafted bicycles is transferred to the production of unique and quality products to facilitate human mobility in this context. The Sarto laboratory produces a limited quantity of ultra-light carbon fiber custom-made wheelchairs each year, using its best materials, technologies and manufacturing techniques. A small contribution that aims to improve the quality of life of those who need it most.

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Are you ready for your Sarto?

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