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Each bike has a story and an ideal racing partner. The Sarto Experience allows you to shape your bike together. All this by living a day in the company or by connecting online.

Sarto Experience

How it works

Let's set a date. You can come and visit us and we will be happy to welcome you to our laboratory. Entering Sarto is a worthwhile experience for those who are passionate cyclists. It is also the opportunity for some time to get absorbed and to work together to design your ideal bike. We can do it in person, but also remotely by connecting online. All you need is to have the measurements available.

The stages

01Tour of the production

We will take a tour of the departments of our laboratory to show you how we build our bicycles using artisan techniques. You will understand how far we can go in customizing your bike, and how much passion we put into our work.



The measurements will be taken directly by our bike fitting team. Using advanced technologies, they will use all their experience to translate the data collected into the perfect frame for your body, your style and your way of riding, improving both comfort and performance.

03Geometry design

From fitting to geometry, the transition is not mechanical. The result is guaranteed by the experience of our bike fitting team, who know exactly how the frame reacts to changes in geometry, tube thickness and bandages.



Following a study on color and design, we have created two settings for each model: Sarto Minimal and Sarto Flavored. Within these two settings, you will find a wide choice of color and design combinations. If, on the other hand, you want an exclusive paint job, our design team will help you create a unique bicycle, making sure that it reflects your soul and that of Sarto.

05What will you take home?

At the end of your Sarto Experience you will receive the project of your bike with the bike fitting data, the frame geometries, a first graphic proposal, the detailed estimate with a valuation of the time needed and our gadgets.

To live your Sarto Experience, we will ask you to pay a deposit on the project we are starting together. The amount will then be deducted when the balance of your bicycle is paid.

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Are you ready for your Sarto?

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