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We at Sarto create high-end & hand-made carbon frames, with geometries developed on the customer's biomechanics and with both structural and artwork customizations. We also offer complete bicycles assembled with components and wheels selected by the customer. We ship to most countries. With this document we want to clarify both how we relate with our customers and what are the various conditions that apply to this relationship. We are available for any doubt or question you may have.

The procedure in short

Based on the chosen model/version, and in case of a complete bicycle, the desired components and wheels, and based also on the level of artwork personalization desired, we ask for a deposit to launch the project. Then with an order form we collect all the data we need to develop the frame/bike and graphics. If the graphics are finalized and confirmed within three weeks of the initial deposit, total production time will be about two months. When production is completed, we’ll ask for the balance to be paid, in order to ship the bike.


Because every frame is a unique creation, we ask to our clients a 50% non-refundable deposit to guarantee the project and our work. This payment represents for the customer the commitment to proceed with the purchase and for us the responsibility to make the best frame we can. A bank transfer is the cheapest way to pay, and we prefer not to fund third parties, transferring the savings to the customer. After receiving the deposit, we start working on the project.

Order form

Filling out the order form completely and precisely is the foundation of the project. It is really important that all the necessary information to design, produce, ship and invoice the bike is collected up-front, to avoid mistakes and/or repeated requests for additional information. Sometimes customers leave some blanks, forcing us to bother them repeatedly. We’ll be happy to help, in case of need.

Geometry / Bike fitting

Our goal is to create a bicycle that adapts perfectly to our customer and your needs and preferences, preserving the elegance of form that you expect from a masterpiece. We offer, to those that can come and visit, the biomechanical experience in our premises; alternatively we can use the data collected by your trusted bike fitting expert, but we can also use the measurements from your current bicycle, changing anything that needs to be.

Graphics and colors

Both the graphics and the colors must be finalized in the first three weeks of the production cycle. The stem, the bottle cage and the seat post are also customizable. In addition to the standard “Sarto Collection” graphics, we can offer fully custom projects, with an upcharge starting at 200€. Once we have finalized the graphics together, which will be submitted for approval, production is launched, and takes approximately two months (including graphic design). If the graphic project is delayed, total production time is equally delayed.


Once production is complete, we will ask you to pay the balance. In EU our prices include the VAT, outside EU they are net of VAT. ATTENTION! VAT exempt purchases must be shipped outside EU, they cannot be collected in our premises.


The frame/bicycle in person or have it shipped, carefully packaged and protected. Shipping cost is not predetermined as there are several service options. With our courier shipping is insured and we add the cost to the invoice. Any duty or tax charges applied by your country may be charged to you during the import phase, we suggest you check their incidence in advance. It is very important that you check the package upon delivery, in front of the courier, and in case of anomalies, take photos and accept with “reserve“. In the case of serious anomalies or evident tampering, refuse delivery, always explaining the reasons and documenting with photographs. We recommend that you always keep the packaging, if possible, for any future needs.


Once the bicycle has been completely assembled in our workshop, in order to reduce shipping volume thus costs, the front wheel is removed and the handlebar is turned sideways. Re-assembly is normally within everyone's capabilities, but if you don't feel comfortable, have a qualified mechanic do it for you.


Every Sarto frame is covered by the Italian two-year legal warranty and, if registered in our website within 10 days of purchase, by the additional non transferable conventional warranty which extends the protection against defects in materials or workmanship to five years. Warranty service is exclusively offered through the original dealer.

Crash replacement / Repairs

If the frame is damaged due to an accident, we will repair it, or replace it if repair is impossible, at a special price. We would like to emphasize that our frames, for example damaged by falls or accidents, are in most cases repairable, with a refined procedure that restores their original integrity and resistance, without leaving visible traces of the intervention. Both repair and replacement are offered exclusively through the original dealer.

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