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Sarto makes italian carbon fiber bike fully customizable in all their components. Discover the best italian carbon bike!

Sarto Italian racing bikes are made using high-quality materials, such as carbon, paying attention and care to every single detail.

To achieve the highest quality results, Sarto pays particular attention to construction geometry, aerodynamics and weight, which must be reduced to a minimum.

This care allows Sarto racing bikes to reach high speeds without the slightest loss of stability. The frame is custom made to ensure the best performance for every rider, whether professional or amateur, while the rest of the components are commissioned from market-leading suppliers such as:

- Continental tyres. They allow you to create low friction with the ground through innovative and cutting-edge compounds, in order to achieve lightness and speed.

- Brakes. Available in both calliper and disc types, they are very important for your safety, especially on a bike that allows you to reach such high levels of performance.

- Saddle. Essential to ensure comfort.

- Gears. One of the main components of a racing bike, because they allow the rider to change the level of pedalling intensity and effort.

- Handlebars. Allow you to assume an aerodynamic position, reducing drag.

Thanks to these and many other solutions, Sarto produces Italian-made high-performance racing bikes.

Racing bike frame

The frame of a racing bike consists of intersecting carbon tubes of different diameters. This is the main element of a racing bike, which in addition to supporting each component, also determines the riding position that will be taken by the cyclist.

Actually, a racing bike is a machine that transforms the force generated by muscles into speed, and to do so in the most effective way possible, the body must be positioned correctly. Sarto also makes custom-made racing bike frames to avoid muscle pain in different areas of the body, such as the back and neck, and to maintain a correct riding position.

Before making the frame of a racing bike, Sarto proceeds with the biomechanical positioning of the cyclist, which is a preliminary visit to optimize the sitting position on the saddle, allowing the body to maintain the riding posture without feeling the slightest pain or discomfort. After that, the measurements of the frame are modified, so that the rider can develop the maximum mechanical thrust. For time trial bikes, such as Ferox, the frame is further stiffened so that less energy is lost.


Racing bike weight

The weight of a racing bike is a very important factor, as it can affect the rider's performance, especially in uphill races. The weight of a racing bike depends on numerous factors such as the choice of materials or components.

There are various metals or composite materials on the market, and Sarto uses carbon, an extremely light fibre with high mechanical strength, for its bikes. In addition, carbon fibre can be moulded to provide flexibility or rigidity according to design requirements. This makes it possible to produce highly responsive frames that absorb vibrations perfectly.

Racing bike disc brakes

The Sarto range of bikes includes some models with options regarding the braking system, such as racing bike disc brakes, featuring powerful, decisive, controllable braking which is constant over time, even in extreme conditions.

Braking with disc brakes on a racing bike means having the same performance at all times. The disc brakes on a racing bike will give you a general sense of safety even when it rains, thanks to the efficiency and consistency of the controllability and braking power.


Racing bike maintenance

The maintenance of a racing bike is essential to ensure maximum efficiency and safety of the equipment you are using. The optimal condition of the components of a racing bike is a necessary prerequisite to be able to move safely on roads with varying degrees of traffic and in all conditions of use.

The frequency and manner in which a racing bike is maintained are determined by how, and how often, it is used. The harder you pedal, the more you push the bike to the limit, and the more frequently you have to carry out extraordinary maintenance. However, general and visual checks should be carried out every time you clean your bike.

So, to summarise, a bike should be periodically cleaned and the condition of its components checked. With a shorter interval, checks by your Sarto dealer or your mechanic are necessary, especially if you have doubts about the safety of the bike.

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