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Asola plus


Asola plus

It is the best climbing bike frame ever created by Sarto: it combines great lightness and surprising torsional rigidity, with a precision in fast descents that will leave you amazed.


Asola, our best-selling frame of all time, in the Plus version comes with disc brakes and total cable integration.

The specific construction technology of 50mm tubes with selective reinforcements and thicknesses of up to 0.7mm, combines with the skilful Lay-up process of medium and high modulus fibers (rigidity without brittleness). The special orientation of the various layers of fiber is created according to a technique refined over twenty years of experience of working with carbon. 


The very thin external structural skin in 1k fiber (0.09mm) optimizes the adhesion of the wrapping and gives a priceless and elegant appearance. 


Asola Plus uses an ultralight aluminum handlebar with traditional sections, which fits perfectly with the round tube design of the frame. The aero carbon handlebar is designed for optimal cable integration, while the fork has a steerer with d-shape technology. Asola Plus can accommodate tires of up to 30mm.

  • Geometry Made to measure
    Frame kit include Frame, fork, headset, 2 bottle cages
    Stiffness value 115 N/mm
    Outer lamination 1K
    Inner lamination M55J/M46J
    Bottom bracket PRESS FIT 86.5
    Seat tube Ø 31,8 mm for seat post Ø 27,2 mm
  • Integrated seat tube
    BSA-BB30-PRESS FIT 386 bottom bracket
    Optimization for gear Di2 - EPS - Wireless or Universal system (mechanical/electronic Di2)
    Seat tube Ø 34,9 mm for seat post 31,6 mm
    Reinforced frame set for riders over 80 kg (+90 g)

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Choose the paint More Info

    • Minimal Blue
    • Minimal Green
    • Minimal red
    • Minimal White
    • Flavoured Glossy red
    • Flavoured Matt gray
    • Flavoured Matt green
    • Flavoured Glossy sand
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A tailor-made Sarto begins with sharing a dream.
A tailor-made Sarto begins with sharing a dream.

Owning a Sarto is an experience that begins at the first encounter, when the cyclist communicates his idea of a bicycle and becomes co-author of his two-wheeled project.

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The lightest. The one-color Sarto graphic harmonized in combination with the authentic black of our carbon fiber. Covering just the 35% of the frameset this paint is the lightest in our range. Available in both total matte or total glossy finishing.


The new Sarto paint scheme offered in a harmonized combination of two colors on top of the black carbon fiber. Available in both matte or glossy finishing.


When it comes to your own personal style, there are no rules. This is the opportunity for you to choose the graphics, the paint and the finishings that's inherently you.

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