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It Takes Two


A tailor-made, high-performance carbon fibre tandem for the modern era, built with our signature precision and attention to detail, featuring specially reinforced tubing to support the dual-rider arrangement.

Dual Movement

Racing tandem bikes present a unique challenge.

As bespoke makers, the design of a tandem gives rise to a fascination with the dual movement that drives them and an awareness of the challenges that come with creating a stiff, comfortable and efficient platform worthy of our single-saddle bikes and the Sarto name.


Synchronised Perfection

Long experience with made-to-measure performance tandem bikes led us to create Doppio, a bespoke frame demonstrating supreme torsional rigidity and excellent vertical dampening. The frame uses oversized, reinforced round tubes with external lamination of 3K carbon fibre for superior strength. Doppio’s front fork is similarly reinforced for requisite strength. At once stiff yet responsive, the frame retains its driving, power-efficient feel with even heavier riders of all sizes. 

Doppio caters for disc brakes with up to 180mm rotors. Fully integrated cabling presents a clean, uncluttered silhouette to the wind.

When it comes to a bespoke, high-performance tandem, handmade extends well beyond the frame. Doppio features an aeronautical aluminium alloy crankset from a highly specialised Italian producer.

The crankset demonstrates maximum rigidity in the chainring/ crank coupling thanks to a special profile designed to withstand maximum traction without energy loss.


Extending Handmade

Doppio’s wheels are similarly unique.

We employ the services of another Italian company to make each wheelset by hand, with deep experience of the demands of tandem riding and the highest quality materials.

  • Geometry Custom
    Stiffness value 130 N/mm
    Outer lamination 3K
    Inner lamination M46J
    Head tube 1”1/8 - 1”½
    Seat post Ø 31,6 mm
  • PF386/PF86.5/T47-86/BSA BB shell
    Compatible with all kinds of transmission (mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, wireless) it is available only for flat mount and through-axle disk brake systems, 100x12 front and 142x12 rear
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Our simplest and lightest look, Minimal blends single-colour painted graphics across 35% of the frame with the complex black of carbon fibre. Options include a matt or gloss finish.


A balance of two complementary colours in varying degrees, simple or geometric, depending on the design. Like Minimal, Flavoured includes a matt or gloss finish.


With Tailored, anything goes. Take a left turn into a world of colour and complete your Sarto story with your own unique design.

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