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  • Starting the project to forge your own new bicycle is very often the fulfilment of a big dream. A long-awaited moment.

    How to get your Sarto
  • We are aware of how important it is to have an expert before you who is capable of giving the best advice and helping you make the right choices without haste.

    How to get your Sarto
  • We also know how important it is to see close up and touch the quality of such a fine product before buying it.

    How to get your Sarto
  • For this reason, over the course of the years we have looked for travel companions to make our bicycles known to the world. Dedicating the right amount of time to people.

    How to get your Sarto
  • They are places of passion for the bicycle and for the history of cycling. Of love for things made with care and dedication and capable of making you feel the quality of our bicycles made by hand, in Veneto.

    How to get your Sarto

    How to get your Sarto

    To get to know our bicycles or to start the project for your new Sarto, you can contact one of our dealers or, if there isn't one near you, you can contact us directly and live the Sarto Experience.

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    What is the Sarto Experience

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