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Lampo Plus


Lampo Plus

Lampo Plus is much more.

Lampo PLUS is our most aerodynamic creation, due to the characteristic sections of the tubes, the internal passage of the cables (patented), but above all to the effect of the triple-edge rib, which generates a micro-turbulence that significantly lowers the aerodynamic resistance of the frame, thanks to the creation of a “bearing” on which the surface flow slides. 


But it is also the first custom-made aero bike, the ideal tool for those who maintain high average speeds and love explosive power, without being obsessed with extreme lightness.

The cockpit with larger sections makes the front end very stable and precise, the handling is high, while the remarkable torsional rigidity does not sacrifice comfort, which is higher than the typical comfort of this type of frame, thanks to the materials used and the effectiveness of the wrapping in dampening resonances. 


The kit is available both with handlebar and aero stem in one piece (barstem), and in the handlebar + stem combination. 

The purity of the design is also manifested in the details, for example with the integration of the seatpost locking system.

  • Frame kit include Frame, fork, headset, spacers, stem, handlebar, seatpost, 2 bottle cages, 2 thru axles
    Geometry Made to measure
    Stiffness value 120 N/mm
    Outer lamination 1k
    Inner lamination M46J/M55J
    Head tube 1” 1/8 - 1” ½
    Full integrated brakes and gear cables guide
    Bottom bracket PF 386 EVO
    Brakes Flat mount disc brakes ( thru axle 100x12F – 142X12R )
  • BSA- PRESS FIT86.5 – BB30 bottom bracket – PF30
    Compatible with all kinds of transmission (mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, wireless) it is available only for flat mount and through-axle disk brake systems, 100x12 front and 142x12 rear.

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Choose the paint More Info

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A tailor-made Sarto begins with sharing a dream.
A tailor-made Sarto begins with sharing a dream.

Owning a Sarto is an experience that begins at the first encounter, when the cyclist communicates his idea of a bicycle and becomes co-author of his two-wheeled project.

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The lightest. The one-color Sarto graphic harmonized in combination with the authentic black of our carbon fiber. Covering just the 35% of the frameset this paint is the lightest in our range. Available in both total matte or total glossy finishing.


The new Sarto paint scheme offered in a harmonized combination of two colors on top of the black carbon fiber. Available in both matte or glossy finishing.


When it comes to your own personal style, there are no rules. This is the opportunity for you to choose the graphics, the paint and the finishings that's inherently you.

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Fast, aerodynamic and innovative.
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